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Abraham Gainey was a curious little boy.

He tried to play with the other kids, but always felt he had something different inside him. Something special.

A special, one could say...hunger.

His mother would often tell him that he was just like grandpa, and he would understand one day. Over time, the other children began to notice that there was indeed something different about little Abraham, and he was often teased. So he learned to hide his special “hunger,” until one day he found a nice little place in the woods where he could let it run wild.

Oddly, neighborhoods all over town began having rampant outbreaks of lost pets soon thereafter. As Abraham got older, small game just wasn’t satisfying his hunger like it used to. He remembered hearing his grandpa talk about “long pig,“ and how delicious and satisfying it was. It was then that Abraham knew his true calling…

Come experience the life and mind of Abraham Gainey, one of the most prolific cannibalistic serial killers this world has ever seen. Take a journey into his madness and see life through his eyes, and the eyes of his victims. Tread carefully or you may find yourself next on the menu!