torment factory 2018 - Full Disclaimer, Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions


The following terms refer to Torment Factory: The Torment Factory, Organizer, Event Organizer, Company, The Company, Haunt. The following terms refer to the participant: guest, participant, ticket holder. 

PARTICIPATION: The Torment Factory reserves the right to refuse service or admission to anyone, at any time, for any reason. Participants warrant that their participation in the event is at-will and can be terminated/revoked by either party at any time. This attraction is designed to be scary, gruesome, terrifying, gross, and more. As such, weak individuals and children under the age of 10 are not recommended. 

DANGER: Participation will likely entail exposure to extreme situations that may be hazardous to those with certain medical or emotional conditions, whether known or unknown. Participants may be exposed to extreme sound levels, various lighting conditions including strobe lighting and extreme darkness, dense fog, damp or wet conditions, moving or unstable flooring, sudden extreme actions, gruesome scenery, and other generally extreme conditions that may be considered physically or emotionally demanding or tolling. You should not enter any Torment Factory attraction if you suffer from conditions such as asthma or lung/respiratory conditions, epilepsy or any condition where you are prone to seizures, heart conditions, physical or emotional ailments, are pregnant or may be pregnant, or suffer from any mental or emotional condition such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, claustrophobia, and the like. Do not enter the attraction if you are intoxicated. Do not enter the attraction if you currently have any physical limitations such as any form of cast or brace, crutches, or the like. Do not enter the attraction if you take prescribed medications. Do not enter the attraction if you use drugs of any type, whether you are currently under the influence of them or not.

RULES: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Torment Factory premises, including restrooms, parking lots, and common or private areas. Eating and drinking are only permitted in designated areas. Running, horseplay, foul language, and threats to others, whether guests, volunteers, or employees, are never permitted on the premises. Never ever touch any actor, props, or set piece inside the attraction. Photography and videography are not permitted inside the haunt. Lighters, fireworks, and open flames are not permitted on the premises. Failure to comply with these, or any posted rules and regulations will result in immediate removal and expulsion from the property without question, due process, or refund. 

NO REFUNDS: The pass/ticket purchased to the Torment Factory is considered a revocable license, meaning that it may be taken away at the sole discretion of the Torment Factory staff, for any reason, at any time, if the participant is deemed to be in violation of any rules or regulations, or is deemed unsuitable for participation. 

RISK: Ticket holders understand that there is risk involved with simply attending this attraction, and as such, voluntarily assume all dangers and potential risks, either implicit or explicit, associated with participation. By entering the attraction grounds, the ticket holder agrees to release the producer, its parent/child/relative corporations, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, landlord, and/or any other related individual or entity from any and all liability resulting from harm, injury, or death, caused to the consumer as a direct or indirect result of participation in the attraction(s). 

RIGHTS: Participants will be photographed, videotaped, and audio recorded while on premises. Recordings and images may be broadcasted on television, radio, and web without any notice or compensation to participants. Ticket holders inherently waive all right to copyright interest in any recordings or images used, as they are the sole property of the Torment Factory and related brands, and can be used, for any profitable or non-profitable purpose, at the sole discretion of the producer. As such, participants release all broadcast and talent rights to Torment Factory and related brands. 

The Torment Factory reserves the right to update this information at any time, for any reason, without notice. Copies of the most up-to-date disclaimer will be posted on the Torment Factory website at all times. Torment Factory and its related/partner brands/companies cannot be held responsible or liable for any complications or monetary losses caused by mistakes in our information/listings. While we strive to present complete and comprehensive information in our disclaimers and other related properties, we are human and do make mistakes.

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