Warning to all North Florida Citizens:

For decades, people around the area have gone missing with no leads. Law enforcement has become frustrated with the growing pile of unsolved cases. Recently, surveillance footage of a man matching the description of Bubba Hackman - aka The Adjudicator- abducting a young woman from a gas station on CR 26 has surfaced. Bubba is known to have a severe limp and facial scar, stands at 6’4”, weighs close to 300 lbs.

Investigators released the story of area resident Emmet McNeil who claims to have been kidnapped by a large man and hyper-active female. After 9 long days of torture, McNeil managed to escape. Sleep deprived and disoriented, he was unable to give details of the location except that it looked like the inside of a barn.

The Hackman’s are not strangers to the law. Detective Harms has long been investigating the wrap sheet of Bubba’s sister, MariAnne Hackman: Kidnapping, assault, attempted murder, animal cruelty, etc. It is believed that at least 23 of the unsolved kidnappings and murders can be tied to Bubba and MariAnne.

Unfortunately, just as the authorities were closing in, the Hackman’s have gone underground. Citizens are advised to be vigilant and contact Detective Harms if they see anything suspicious.

Today, strange happenings are starting to surface again as the area’s local attraction, Torment Factory, takes place on the land previously inhabited by the Hackman family. It appears the Hackman’s may have found a new source for victims.